Hiya, Hello, Howdy…

HI everyone and welcome to ‘Healthy up North’…

This is my blog, a track of my journey from slightly (ok, very!) unhealthy to, well, much more healthy – it doesn’t get more complicated than that ๐Ÿ™‚

Simple is good because as I’ve found out healthy living can be an incredibly complicated task! I think I’ve asked every awkward question possible along my way, from “Where do you find your core?” in Pilates class to “Are non-cook oats different to porridge ones…and are they different to quick cook ones?” to the bemused man in Tesco. As you’ve probably guessed there’s still plenty of the way to go(!) but I thought sharing it would make the journey that bit more fun!

Along the way I’ll be exploring recipes (including some supposedly basic tips I found incredibly helpful), work outs (at home, at the gym, at the office if you’re brave!) and general ways to feel healthier and happier this year.

My own road to fitness started in late November. I can track it almost to the day, the day my Instagram feed stopped being full of pics of red wine and started with the salads, trainers and use of #NoBake in every other post!

At two months in I’m by no means claiming to be an expert but if some of the info I’ve discovered can help anyone else then that’ll do for me. I’m also far from finished on my journey to health so I’ll be using this blog as almost a diary (I know, a diary on a blog – it’ll never catch on!) so you can share the journey with me.

Look forward to sharing loads of posts with you but in the meantime send me your questions and feel free to share stories about your own journeys.

Let 2015 be your year to be #HappyAndHealthy ๐Ÿ™‚

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